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Photovoltaics in Greece

Greece become an economically highly attractive market for grid-connected PV systems, given the unique combination of high solar irradiation values and an exceptional feed in tariff. The increasing energy needs of Greece lead inevitably to the development of new methods for the production of energy from renewable sources.

The Greek government sends clear messages regarding the development of a new sector, which shall turn Greece in to an important trade partner as well as investment destination. According to the optimistic scenarios of the Ministry for Development 19.72% of the 72 TWh of electricity required shall be produced in the next years from renewable energy sources. The objective of producing energy from photovoltaic is 700 MWp until 2020. The solar energy sector shall receive a boost by means of the current Greek framework law o¬n Renewable Energy Sources (3468/2006).

Main features of this new law are: simplification and acceleration of the licensing procedure, promotion of cheaper solar installations, increase of the limits for the exemption from the obligatory approval for small and medium sized plants and lastly a special exemption for managers of photovoltaic installations from the special charge of 3% of the electricity selling price imposed on Grid or Network Managers.